MMM ‘Barber Is Life’ Tee (Clearance Sale)

$ 9.99

Some t-shirts just don't make the cut. Good thing this "Barber is Life" T-shirt does. Made with high-quality fabric, this shirt lets everyone know that you're truly dedicated to the craft.

Being a barber is tough. You're not just a glorified haircutter, but you're also a source of strength and empowerment for your clients. Making the trim as crisp as possible is an art form in itself. That's why talented and dedicated barbers are respected not just by clients, but by the community.

That's why we've created this amazing line of clothes and apparel to help you make that perfect cut. Made to be as comfortable as possible for long work sessions.

Grab one now so people know who they're dealing with. Give clean looks while looking clean yourself.


Gray // Quality Fabric // Unisex

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