My Money Makers ‘Barber Money’ Dad Hat

$ 26.99


The shears, the comb, and the clippers. Barbers dictate whether you look good or not with these 3 tools. So respect them by wearing this My Money Makers "Barber Money" Dad Hat. Perfect as a gift to yourself or your favorite barber.

 Entitled My Money Makers, these 3 tools are the staple to every quality-haircut or crisp looking trim. One must respect the hustle if one is to appreciate the hard work that barbers do every day. This quality-embroidered black hat will serve as a constant reminder that the best-looking cut starts with these tools.

Pay homage to the craft by ordering one of these hats. Made by a team of professionals, and made for everyone. 

Black // Quality Embroidery // Unisex

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