My Money Makers ‘Gold Money’ Tee *Limited Time Only*

$ 22

Grab the modern-day equivalent of a knight's armor with this golden, high-quality Tee. Let everyone know you're serious about the craft and look good while doing it.

Being a barber is not just about cutting someone's hair. A barber is a person who'll spend the time and effort to make his/her client feel good. This means making them look good on the inside and out. That's why barbers are such important members of the community. Without them, we'd never look half as good as we want. 

And if you're a barber, we at My Money Makers salute you. And it's for people like you that we made this high-quality, fashionable line of apparel. 

Order one now! The offer is only up for a limited time, so if you're looking for a shirt that matches your determination as a barber, get one now. 


Black // Quality Fabric // Unisex

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