My Money Makers ‘Barber Money’ Tee

$ 22

Comfort takes center stage with this high-quality, black Barber Money Tee. If you're looking for something to wear during long work hours and will last through multiple customers, this is the one. 

My Money Makers "Barber Money" Tee features the three tools that barbers swear by. The shears, the comb, and the clipper. These tools are the ones barbers use that can turn any person's day from a measly 1 to an amazing 100.

Don't underestimate the power that a good haircut can bring. Looking good has never been about one's face, but about one's energy. Give someone a great haircut and that energy overflows. Remember that.

Ready to spread good vibes? Order the Barber Money Tee now so you can start looking good while making people feel good.

Black // Quality Fabric // Unisex

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